OakLee was originally formed in 2017 by Ian Davis, Brandon Marshall, William Williams, Grant Shelnut and Christian Zonner. As a band we started out practicing song covers and writing originals. We quickly clicked as musicians and started playing local shows. As a band we have played hundreds of shows. We are continuing to quickly expand with our music, playing anything from old classic Johnny Cash and Hank Williams to anything nowadays on the radio. We even throw a taste of Rock ‘N’ Roll with anything from Tom Petty to Pearl Jam. We are growing everyday as a band and also as individuals in the industry. We have opened for acts such as Love and Theft, Frank Foster, Brandon Lay, Parmalee, Drake white and many more on our journey. Our Dream is to share our music and make sure the people are enjoying it and themselves at our shows. Music is a part of Life with us #OakLee


Our music is driven by some of our biggest Idols throughout the music industry. We listen and look up to musicians that lived their life by the music. Musicians who did what they wanted and needed to do in order to make their music known. From song writing to performing to conference rooms, just to be seen. When we see the marks they’ve made in our world as artists it makes us want do the same. That’s what keeps us on our toes when we have challenges come our way. Knowing they did it gives us that urge to push harder. Great musicians make great music.